GUEST POST: Why Every Bride Should Take a Pre Wedding Retreat to Redworth Hall

May 24, 2017


Last week - a week ago today actually! - it was my birthday and my partner very kindly decided to treat me to a spa break at Redworth Hall for my present. So after stuffing myself full of delicious Japanese food for the whole of my birthday, I was very much looking forward to a couple of days of relaxing, being pampered, and generally taking a break from wedding planning. So on Tuesday afternoon we hopped into my car (his name is Alfie) and tootled off down the road from Newcastle to Newton-Aycliffe.


One thing in life that I adore is a gated driveway, and this is exactly what greeted us as we arrived at Redworth Hall. I just love the feeling that I'm starring in some period-esque drama, does anyone else ever get that feeling?! We received the warmest of welcomes from the staff on reception who made sure we had a lovely room overlooking the front of the grounds, and everything else that we might have needed.


The room was gorgeous! It felt so cosy with the little table and chairs just under the window, and it always feels like a bit of a treat to have a dressing table when they are no longer the norm. It says a lot about a hotel when you feel like you can settle in straight away which is exactly how we felt. The bed was extremely comfortable, and as much as I'm sure we could have lay on it and slept off the previous evening's cocktails until the next morning, we wanted to make the most of our trip.




Firstly, we decided to test out the gym. I know, there's going to be a lot of groans at this part I'm sorry! But when the gym bug bites you, which it did for me almost 10 years ago, it just becomes a part of your everyday life for the reduction in stress-levels mostly! I won't go into detail about our gym workout because I'm sure no-one is that interested, but for anyone who shares our love of exercising wherever they are then it was definitely well equipped with most machines and a lot of free weights. Enough that you could get a solid workout in, unlike at some other hotels.


Once we had ran and squatted and generally exhausted ourselves, it was time to hit the pool and spa facilities for some good old relaxing. Now I don't trust myself to take an expensive camera into a very wet arena so the next photos have been taken from their website, but they are a very good representation of the actual spa itself. We sat on the deckchairs around the pool and had a chat, which is really nice thing to be able to do when you're in a long-distance relationship. And it is also the perfect place to sit with your bridesmaids, or your mum, and chat about your wedding. Or you could continue your wedding planning in the Jacuzzi! Sounds pretty perfect, right? After testing out both the sauna and the steam room, we headed upstairs to get ready for dinner.




We found that the table in our room was the perfect display for our Prosecco and strawberries, which are probably more of a staple in my life than they should be, but you can't beat a bit of fizz when you're getting ready can you? After gyming, jacuzzi-ing, sauna-ing, and steaming we were definitely feeling a little bit starving and so it was a great feeling when we were led to our table in the restaurant. 


The food was outstanding, it really was. My partner had already paid for the three-course meals in advance and so all that was left to do was pick what food, and wine, we wanted. I cannot see smoked salmon on the menu and not order it and so it was a delight to see that on the menu, along with some other great choices; steak, feathered blade of beef, roasted pork belly and Moroccan vegetable tagine. Although it was the desserts that really stole the show; Eton mess, dark chocolate and orange tart, apple tart tatin, lemon cheesecake, and sticky toffee pudding with a sauce so delicious we recommended the waiter started bottling it and selling it on! There were a lot of couples who had clearly popped in for an evening meal, or just a one-night stay in the hotel, and if you and your partner need a bit of a break away from the wedding planning then you will honestly feel completely switched off from all of the stress at Redworth Hall. 



After collapsing into bed with full tummies, still probably raving about the sticky toffee sauce, it wasn't long before all the activities of the day caught up to us and the next thing we knew the sun was blaring through the windows signalling time to get up - it was spa treatment day! Although you can't do anything on a full stomach, and so off we skipped to breakfast after one of the most refreshing night sleeps I have had. Over coffee and eggs on toast I discovered that I had been made a Rock My Wedding recommended wedding planner and so it was a very good start to the day!


At 11:00am we made our way to the spa reception for our full-body massages. It was a really nice touch as me and my partner were both in the same room for the treatment, although I joked that if he fell asleep and started snoring I would kill him! We were both asked by the two ladies doing our massages what sort of pressure we would like, and they definitely adhered to our preferences. Everything about the massage was fantastic; the ambience, the music and the treatment itself. I don't think either of us wanted to leave the room an hour later once the massage had finished. It would be such a good way to unwind and relax in the run-up to your wedding. 


At 1:30pm we were back to have our facials. I've had a few facials in my life before but this was by far the best, and even more relaxing then the massage. My boyfriend fell asleep during his which is a true testament to how chilled out it made us. All of the products felt lovely on our skin, and they made sure to check whether we had any dry skin that they should take care of. This treatment lasted for 50 minutes and our skin looked noticeably different afterwards - we were glowing!




In the afternoon, we felt like exploring nearby Heighington Village which was only 15 minutes’ walk away from the hotel. So we set off down the drive, up a little country lane, and found a quaint little pub called The Bay Horse where we more or less fell into, still in our relaxed post-treatment state. Spending half of my time as a Wedding Planner in London, I certainly notice the difference in pricing in the North - two glasses of wine and a packet of crisps for £5.60! 


The rest of the evening found us back in the restaurant - I went make-up-less given how great my skin was looking - saying yes once again to the sticky toffee pudding, and yes to Redworth Hall after an absolutely fantastic trip. I would certainly recommend it as the perfect retreat from your wedding planning, and the ideal way to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and glowing in the run-up to your special day!


Charlotte xoxox



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